Women's Cell

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The College has established a Women Cell in the college campus for the women faculty, staff and girl students to enhance understanding of issues related to women students and to make the college campus a safe place for them. With an aim of creating awareness of their rights and duties, the cell organizes and participates in seminars, talks and also takes up women's issues and problems. It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in the society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves. Aiming at intellectual and social upliftment of the female students, the cell stands for facilitating women's empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programmes, life skill training programmes, entrepreneur training and other welfare activities

  • To serve the Women faculty and Women students of the college.
  • To enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of women students, faculty and staff in the college.
  • To promote intellectual and cultural activities for overall personality development of the students.
  • To develop the critical thinking of women students such that it enhances decision-making ability.
  • To enable women to make informed choices in areas like education, employment and health especially reproductive health.
  • To enhance their participation on an equal footing in all areas.
The coordinator of this club is Ms.Ajitha - Department of Commerce
S.No Name of the Member Department
1 Mrs. Manjula Department of Electronics & Physics
2 Dr. Y. Madhuri Srinivas Department of Management Studies
3 Dr. V Venu Madhav Department of Management Studies
4 Mrs. Parveen Khan Department of Commerce
5 Mrs. Jaya Lakshmi Department of Computer Science
6 Ms. Ankitha Department of Commerce
7 Mrs. Divya Rekha Department of Computer Science