Canteen Committee

  • Canteen committee of the college was formed for monitoring the operations of canteen at regular intervals and reviewing it. The committee was established with the following objectives
  • To provide regular and good quality of service at reasonable rates
  • To monitor the cleanliness and hygiene in relation to preparation, service and supply of food
  • To plan, organize, control and evaluate the needs of canteen

  • To maintain cleanliness of canteen
  • To decide the prices of food served in the canteen
  • To plan for the infrastructure facilities required as per norms
  • To control the quality of food supplied in the canteen
  • To supervise the facilities /amenities and their up keep and address students grievances pertaining to canteen facilities and maintenance.
Duration : 3 years (2017-2020)

  • Dr.Y.Aparna, Department of Microbiology Coordinator.
  • Mrs.Shanthi Rohit Rao, Department of Mathematics and Statistics Member.
  • Dr.Y.Suresh, Department of Languages Member.
  • Mrs.V.Aswini, Department of Management studies Member.
  • Mrs.Nidhishree. D, Department of Commerce Member.