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Ph.D Students

S.No Name of the Ph.D Scholar Full time/Regular or Part time University Registered for Ph.D Title/Topic of Ph.D work Name of the Department Name of the Guides Year of Joining of the scholar Year of award of PhD/Pursuing
1 Dr.Y.Aparna Part Time JNTUH Anti quorum sensing activity of plant extracts of Indian origin & their ability toinhibit Pathogenic bacteria” Department of Microbiology Dr.J.Sarada 2007 2015
2 Dr.B.Srinivas Part Time JNTUH Studies on dextran production Weissella confusa Department of Microbiology Dr.P.Naga Padma 2009 2018
3 P. HariPriya Extramural Rayalaseema University Knowledge management practises in engineering colleges using ICT tools a study of Rayalaseema region in Andhra pradesh. Management Studies Dr. N.S. Chakravarthy 2010 Pursuing
4 P.Jaya sree Extramural Rayalaseema University Consumer behaviour towards organised online retail formats with reference to select food and grocery products in Hyderabad Management Studies Dr. N.S. Chakravarthy 2010 Pursuing
5 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Swain Part Time Jaipur University Synthesis and Spectroanalysis of 5-Fluorouracil of L- Ascorbic acid deravative Department of Chemistry Dr. Madhumitha Bhattacharjee 2016 2020
6 S.Anju Part Time Osmania University Development of novel antibiofilm agents using metal nano particles fabricated with phytochemical quorumsensing inhibitors Microbiology Dr.J.Sarada 2017 2023
7 Vanitha Part Time Osmania University Studies on fermentative production of fructose + fructose oligosaccharide(FOS)by microbial inulinases using low cost substrates Microbiology Dr.K.Anuradha 2017 Pursuing
8 Meraj Fatima Regular Osmania University Comparative study of Gut microbial flora diversity in insects Microbiology Dr.K.Anuradha 2017 Pursuing
9 Samala Chaitanya Part Time Osmania University Dextran mediated green synthesis of silvernanoparticles with enhanced antimicrobial property and diverse application . Microbiology Dr.K.Anuradha 2017 2022
10 Lakshmin Nadh Munnaluri Part Time Bharathidasan University Synthesis and Characteristics of cobalt doped Managanese ,Zinc nanoferrite using reverse micelle method. Physics Dr. GSVRK Choudary 2017 Pursuing
11 Mrs. K.Devy Part Time Bharathidasan University Characterization studies on Cobalt nanoferrite synthesized bt reverese micelle method. Physics Dr. GSVRK Choudary 2018 Pursuing
12 Thommandru Jyothi Part Time Bharathidasan University Nanotechnology Physics Dr. GSVRK Choudary 2018 Pursuing
13 Ginkawar Prashanthi Part Time Bharathidasan University Nanotechnology Physics Dr. GSVRK Choudary 2018 Pursuing
14 P.S. Sudha Rani Part Time Rayalaseema University Human resource management practises in insurancesector - A study of life insurance corporation of India. Management Studies Dr. N.S. Chakravarthy 2018 Pursuing
15 D. Srilatha Regular Osmania University Development of transgenic plants by agrobacterium mediated genetransformation in rice (Oryza sativa) for improved production Microbiology Dr.K.Anuradha 2019 Pursuing
16 G. Sri Lakshmi Regular Osmania University Biological communities as a forensic tool in environment Microbiology Dr.J.Sarada 2019 Pursuing
17 P. Sindhura Part-Time Osmania University Characterization of Pichia pasturis as a probiotic and prophylatic measure in prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal infections Microbiology Dr.J.Sarada 2019 Pursuing