Dr. K. Anuradha, Coordinator, DBT STAR college scheme
About DBT STAR college scheme

Department of Biotechnology initiated Star College Scheme in the year 2008 to strengthen the Universities and Colleges offering Undergraduate education. The program emphasizes on improving the critical thinking and hands on experimental work to improve science teaching across the country. DBT will identify colleges with ambition and potential for excellence and help them in achieving excellence in teaching by providing academic and physical infrastructure.

DBT Star College Scheme at Bhavan’s Vivekananda College:

The college was sanctioned with DBT Star college Scheme in the year 2019 in which six science departments were recommended by the Fourth Task force Meeting for financial support. The college was funded with a total grant of 1.23 crores for strengthening six Undergraduate departments of Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Microbiology and Physics & Electronics.

  • To provide high-quality graduate programs which are both skill and knowledge based by interdisciplinary approach
  • To accomplish significant research in all fields of Science in collaboration with National & International Institutes
  • To provide an affordable and unparalleled learning experience in a supportive environment by conducting workshops, field trips ,internships, Outreach activities etc
  • To impart quality education by providing hands on training with a practical approach
S.No Name of the Member Designation
1 Chairman Prof. Y. Ashok, Principal
2 DBT Representatives (2) 1. Dr. Anamika Gambhir, Scientist F, Programme Head, Star College Scheme
2. Dr. Garima Gupta, Scientist E, Programme officer, Star College Scheme
3 External Experts (2) 1.Dr. T. Jyothirmayi      Senior Principal Scientist and Head       CFTRI, Hyderabad.
2.Prof.Souri Banerjee      Professor, Department of Physics      Birla Institute of technology & Science, Pilani      Hyderabad Campus, Jawahar Nagar.
4 Faculty Members (from all participating departments) All faculty members of  participating departments Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics ,  Microbiology ,Physics and Electronics.
5 Coordinator Dr.K.Anuradha
Head, Department of Microbiology
    Paper publications from Faculty and Students:
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