National Cadets Corps

  • NCC is a youth empowerment establishment of national reckoning. its working ambit has its vibes felt across every nook and corner of the mother land.
  • NCC inculcates in the youth a sense of nationalism and secular outlook that contributes towards the building of the nation. it also provides a platform for individual uplifting through the process of channelizing the energy of the youth in constructive pursuits.
  • Besides giving thrill and excitement, NCC promotes camaraderie and resilience and hones cultural skills to preserve the cultural traditions and values of the society. it helps the youth to realize the intimate relationship between man and the community, between community and nature and their inter-dependency.
  • To create characteristics of Co-operation discipline, leadership, selflessness, adventure in the youth.
  • To create a force of youth, which shall be useful for National services at any time.
  • To prepare second raw of Defence with objections join the regular army.
  • NCC teaches the young minds the importance of discipline in life It develops the physique of the young boys and girls It also gives the mind, self-control and satisfaction of achievement. It teaches leadership as well as good follower qualities.
  • Students interested to join in the National Cadet Corps (NCC) were getting enrolled from other companies and other wings. Realizing the interest of the students the college has decided to apply for raising of the NCC Company. After constant persuasion, the college company was raised on 9th July 2012 with the total allotted strength of 200 cadets. Since then several training activities, both institutional and camp, organized as part of their training and to inculcate citizenship behavior.
  • Some of the activities are regular drill practice, theory classes for general and specialized subjects, visit to old age home, and visit to prestigious Sardar Vallabhai National Police Academy.
  • To prepare second raw of Defence with objections join the regular army.
  • The college has allotted well-furnished room for conducting NCC activities.
  • For drill practice and physical training, permission was granted to use college Football ground.
  • For obstacle training separate facilities are provided at Bhavan’s Sri Aurabindo Junior College, Sainikpuri.
  • Eight SLR DP and three 22 DP (Total 13 DP) for weapons training (WT).
    1. Room No 108 in MBA block is allotted for theory classes.
    2. SSB coaching classes (Group Obstacle Training) for the interested students/cadets. These classes / sessions are being conducted by Col (Retd) M Vijay Rao, Hon. Director, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College of Science Humanities and Commerce.
  • Col.Shashikanth Y Jadhav, AO, Offg. CO, 2 T Bn NCC.
  • Lt. Dr.V.Venu Madhav, ANO, 12/2 Coy, 2(T) Bn.
  • Mrs.G.S.Mini, Lecturer, Dept of Mathematics, Member NCC Committee.
  • Mrs.K.Padma Priya, Lecturer, Dept Of Computers, Member, NCC Committee.
  • Mrs.D.Rajeswari, Lecturer, Dept Of Chemistry, Member, NCC Committee.
  • Mrs.J.Sreedevi, Lab Programmer, Dept Of Computers, Member NCC Committee.