"Champions keep playing until they get it right”

The Department of Physical Education headed by Mr. Kondal Reddy, has always strived to support and encourage students in achieving the highest level of accomplishment in sports and games, under all categories. Inter class tournaments that are regularly organised every year in the college provide a suitable platform for the students, to showcase and use their skills and talents to their full potential. Immense support from the college and its' staff is always extended to the sports students who wish to compete at the international, national, state, university and inter-college levels of competition. Every student has the complete liberty to avail all the sports facilities provided by the college to train and practice their chosen sport or game, and thereby achieve their best. The students of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College have been excelling in sports and games for the past 20 years at all levels of competition, and have brought many laurels to our institution.