Media Center

The College's Media Centre is equipped with Audio-Video recording facilities. The centre documents the faculty video lectures, records news bulletins that report the events of the college, and publishes the college news letter. The centre has an industry standard Audio-Visual recording studio that enables to produce high quality content. With Green screen facility and heavy lighting equipment, the studio allows to produce a glitch-free foreground video content that minimizes the visual disturbances. The centre also holds an editing software named Final Cut Pro in which the recorded video footage is edited and fine tuned.

Recording Facilities

The centre holds
  • 1. Panasonic Video Camera
  • 2. Tripod
  • 3. Audio-Visual studio
  • 4. Green Matte facility
  • 5. Lighting equipment
  • 6. Final Cut Pro software
  • 7. Rhode mics
  • 8. A studio table
  • E - Content Development Facility

    Media Center

    Audio Visual Centre/Studio

    Lecture Capturing

    Mixing Equipment

    Lecture Capturing System

    The faculty video lectures are shot in the Media Centre. The faculty are required to book the slot well in advance to record the video lecture. The faculty are instructed with studio discipline and taught cues (visual signs of the studio). Recording of each lecture would last from 20 to 35 minutes which could take around 1 hour of shoot time. The recorded footage of the lecture is dumped in the I-Mac system and then edited by students of Mass Communication under the guidance of the faculty. Audio enhancement, colour correction, background noise reduction and required visuals are orderly edited in the editing software to get a final product. The lectures are shot by students under the guidance of the Mass Communication Faculty.

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    Mediacenter Labs

    Central Instrumention Centre

    Research Facility / Research Centre

    Commerce Business lab

    Media lab

    News Letters & News Bulletins

    Under the banner of Bhavan's Bytes, the media centre in association with the Department of Mass Communication run a twelve page college news letter where the students of Mass Communication will be reporting the events of the college similar to a journalist. The college newsletter will be released once in a semester and is totally organized and managed by the students and staff of Mass Communication. Similarly News Bulletins are also produced by the centre along with Department of Mass Communication that reports the events of the college. Produced video content is uploaded in the Bhavan's Bytes YouTube channel.

    News Letters

    News Bulletins

    News Bulletins 1

    News Bulletins 2

    Social Responsibilities

    The centre in association with Department of Mass Communication produces short films and documentaries that create awareness on various social issues. Topics covering diverse range like - Body shaming, self-motivation, Gender Violence, Sustainable Environment, importance of preamble of constitution, Girl Child awareness, Blood donation etc were shot and uploaded on YouTube channel.

    Celebrating World Environment Day

    Voice against Violence

    Say no to Body Shaming

    Importance of the Preamble of the Constitution

    Blood Donation Camp

    Girl Child Awareness

    CGPC Photo Gallery


    Contact Us

    CGPC Details:
    • Phone: 040-27111611,27115878
    • Email-id:
    CGPC Coordinator:
    • Dr. Seema Ghosh
    • Ph: 9849307930
    MBA Placement Incharge:
    • Dr. M V S Mahendra
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