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gre-Energy Club

“ ECO warriors – a path to sustainable environment. ”

Inception: 16 th August 2005

Aim: Club aims to be one with nature, conserve it and appreciate our planet Earth.

  • To be one with nature, conserve it and appreciate our planet Earth.
  • To inculcate traditional values and culture among our youth.
  • To reignite the use of natural and organic food products to boost our immune system.
  • To encourage the use of eco-friendly products and reduce the use of plastic.
  • To motivate students to walk through nature and capture its beauty and appreciate biodiversity.

    Functions: Club involves in bringing awareness among students on conservation and preservation of nature through the various activities it conducts every year under greENERGY club.

  • Tree Plantation during the monsoon in the months of June-July promoting greenery in the college campus.
  • Club encourages students and staff to use clay idols instead of plaster of Paris during the Ganesh Chaturdhi Puja to reduce the pollution caused by Plaster of Paris.
  • greENERGY club motivates every student to be a torch bearer in protecting mother earth and as part of environmental studies project involves students in recycling of paper. Students of second year UG are assigned the responsibility of collecting waste used papers from various departments including library in the college which is recycled in exchange for printing sheets for the college.
  • Club with an objective of educating vehicle owners on the importance of pollution control organizes a pollution check campaign for the vehicles in the college campus in association with RTA approved pollution check agent.ent
  • greENERGY club every year host a fest called Eco-Fest of ECOFEST is to be one with nature, conserve it and appreciate our planet Earth. Each Year various competitions are conducted for students to bring awareness about nature in which students actively take part.

Faculty Members

Coordinator: Dr. Dr B Kalpana., Head, Department of Genetics & Biotechnology

S.No Name of the Member Department
1 Dr. I. RACHANA KUMARI Genetics & Biotechnology

Student Members

S.No Name of the Member
1 Shreya Bhaskar
2 Miriyala Darshana
3 Kalvin Kathi
4 Makkuva Abhilaya
5 Radha Prassanum
6 Ajay Kumar
7 Y. Nidish

Activities 2023-24

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The Medical and Health Committee of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce has organized an awareness and training program on Community Hands – Only CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) “Lifesaver” in association with Gandhi Medical College – Alumni Education Center (GMC-AED) information for the General public. This training program was offered by Gandhi Medical College Alumni Association on 10th February, 2024. An orientationon CPR was given by Dr. Rajashekhar, Director of Community CPR, Secretary, GMCGA. He stressed on the importance of CPR as it is a life-saving procedure to immediately revive the heart beat in case of a sudden cardiac arrest. Each student was trained on CPR by demonstration and also making the students to practice the CPR procedure on dummy models that was used for manual training. They also demonstrated the working of Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a portable computerized instrument. Total of 139 students of NSS, NCC, UBA and BSG attended the training program. This training program was to promote the Bystander to help in “Saving lives” during out-of-Hospital sudden cardiac arrest. Students had a good learning experience.

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The Department of Biochemistry & Nutrition, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College in association with the Medical & Health Committee has organized an event on“Awareness and Display of Diabetic Diet”, under Suposhan activity. The students have planned 1600 kilocalories., diabetic diet, calculated and displayed for the visitors. Various charts were displayed which explained the mechanism of glucose absorption, complications and preventive measures of diabetes along with dietary modifications. Diet explanation was done in the local languages like Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi along with English to facilitate the visitors who cannot follow English. Huge response was observed from students, teaching and non-teaching faculty of the college. A total number of 79 participants have attended the awareness program and availed the facility.